Best Season To Visit Nepal
Spring (March – May) and Autumn(September – November) are the most favourable seasons for trekking. Whereas Nepal is visitable all year round.
March, April and May (Spring)

These months are considered the perfect in terms of weather and beauty, they are also the most tourist filled months. Days are warmer and longer which makes this the ideal season for trekking. This season displays the vibrant colors of the various sub tropical plants with occasional rainfall. Hikers prefer this type of weather to trek.
June, July and August (Monsoon-Rainy Season)

The monsoon season makes the trails muddy and filled with leeches, the mountains are often clowdy and can increase the chances of landslide to occur. Therefore it is not the most ideal time to trek. Various accommodation spots are closed during these seasons. However there are still options in the western mountains around the Annapurna and Manaslu in which large parts of these lie in low rainfall areas.
September, October and November (Autumn)

In this season the weather is dry and the skies are clear with some mild to warm days and cold nights. During the night time temperatures can easily drop to under zero degrees.
November, January and February (Winter)

The weather is dry during daytime and temperature starts getting cooler and hits very cold during night time. Days are generally clear with occasional snow storms to as low as 2500m(8292ft). This is the most challenging season for trekking due to winter storms and snowfall.